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Friday, 16 December 2011

Mini starred mince pies

Last week I had leftover sweet pastry from making the classic plum tart, and the dutch apple tart, so as a result i decided to put it to good use. These little beggars always go down well, and are not too dissimilar from the apple and cranberry tarts i also made at the same time. They also freeze well, so can be pulled out a couple of hours before your visitors are expected. They're best when warm.

You will need:

Sweet pastry (about 100g worth - ideally use leftover sweet pastry from other projects)
5cm cutter
star cutter of similar order
small muffin tray

Roll out the pastry till 1/8 in thick. Cut rounds with pastry cutter then layer into greased small muffin tray.
Spoon in mincemeat (1tsp). Cut out star shapes with star cutter and put on top of each. Bake in oven at 180C until star has gone golden brown.

Allow to cool a little and serve warm.

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