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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Galia Melon Pearls in Pink Champagne Jelly

This dessert is often also used as a starter as it crosses those borders as many fruit dishes tend to do. That said it is a bit of a crowd pleaser and service wise it means preparing beforehand and then simply pulling out of the fridge. The recipe isn't set in stone, you can easily add other fruits that complement melon quite well, and you don't have to use galia melons either. You can use cantelope or honeydew if you wish, or a combination of them, for a variety of colours and textures.

More often than not this appeared on our xmas menus, basicaly because its one of those things that can be done in advance, and during service it was a case of getting it out of the chiller, and dressing up (which could be left to service & waiting on staff, whilst we tackled bigger fish that we had to fry - sometimes literally).

Makes about 6/7 so divide by two for family sized servings


700ml of warm stock syrup (heated water & sugar - would reccomend about 200g sugar)
150ml of 14% abv Pink Cava (or similar)
24 Gelatine leaves soaked
Mixed Melon balls ½ Cantaloupe and Galia if winter time use Rock melons. You can buy these frozen to cheat / save time. Bear in mind though that fresh melon tastes alot better.

Optional Garnish Ideas
Sprig of lavender per flute for garnish. You can use rosemary for an alternative or mix the two.
Orange / lemon / lime zest
Black / Maraschino cherries
Hibiscus flowers

Lavender flowers can be used atop the flutes, as can twists of orange, lemon or lime. The fragrance sets the tone for the dish quite well also, in combination with strawberry roses or other garnishes it is quite a sensory treat.


Champagne flutes
Melon baller

Melt soaked gelatine into the syrup

Use melon baller to pearl melon flesh after de-seeding. Any left over melon flesh put to one side for fruit salads or fruit soups.

Place melon pearls into flutes along with the lavender sprig and any other garnishes you want set into the Jelly.

Add Cava to the gelatine mixture

Pour over the melons and leave to set for about 3 or 4 hours.


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