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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chocolate Mousse

Image courtesy of the bbc food website :)

For all chocolate lovers out there, here is one of my favourite chocolate mousse recipes that for me has stood the test of time. It includes a nutty element such as hazelnut and amaretto to further enhance the sweetness of the chocolate. It also makes it infinitely more luxurious.

Posted here at the request of Sam Fisher (hugs) for a hassle free chocolate mousse recipe.

In my humble opinion chocolate mousses is usually a hassle free dessert anyway, however there are a few things to bear in mind - the most important of which being that you must wait until the chocolate is cool before you add it to the mix, otherwise any work you have done to fluff up eggs and cream will be rendered useless.


125g of Dark chocolate
20g of hazelnut paste or nutella
25ml amarretto
2 eggs
40g of caster sugar
250ml double cream


Melt the chocolate with half the cream and the hazelnut paste

Once melted add the amaretto, allow to cool

Whisk the sugar and eggs till they are pale and have doubled in volume

Whisk cream till it forms a soft peak

Once chocolate mix is cool pour into the egg mix and fold

Fold in the cream

Pour into mould allow to set in a fridge for at least three hours before service.



  1. fantasic mousse! I used tia maria to give it a mocca taste. Couldnt wait the three hours for it to set :) Sam

  2. You're very welcome Sam. Anytime. (hug)